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Blue Baybeh

Getting Up For The Letdown
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The saying that life is filled with ups and downs could not have been more accurate.

Undeniably, the moment my last paper was collected by my invigilator which makes me officially done with the SAM program, i felt pure joy.

So happy, so light, heck just overjoyed basically.

I envisioned the days to come to be fun filled ones to make up on all the time i spent studying, writing reports, doing research etc etc.

Well, i did had plenty of fun.

But ofc, life have other plans for me as well.

When one drama ends, another begins.

Tbh, having to deal with this same shit again was more of like a last straw to me.

Fuck, i've been dealing with your bullshit for years now. I'm sick and tired of it.

Heck, i'm not even bothered anymore which honestly surprised me at first.


Seeing you again just basically lead to this flood of emotions.

Everything just comes rushing back.

Great. We'll see where this leads to.

p.s : obviously this post is not meant to be understood by anyone but me.


We're All To Blame
Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is it.

It's finally here.

I'm a jumble of feelings right now.

If I Could Do It All Again
Saturday, October 30, 2010

Again, i fail to blog consistently. No longer a surprise i assume.

Anyways, finals begin next week which is 2 days from now.

And i'm not fucking ready at all. Ugh.

It's so scary that in the blink of an eye i'm about done with college real soon.


As much as how SAM tires me out, i'm actually kinda afraid and sad that it's ending.

Afraid cuz i've never been so uncertain with my future before and sad because i'll prolly never see you again.

Funny how life can fuck around with you eh?

I can't help but realize that things are so much easier in the movies.

Even getting over someone or healing from a heartbreak seems so much more bearable.

Sadly, this is reality and this doesn't work the same way.

In reality, getting over someone takes a huge toll on you whether one decides to admit it or not.

I was thinking about all the time spent with you, sharing inside jokes that only you and i know of, stealing smiles hoping no one will catch us, how our fingertips will brush ever so gently, all the tiny things we did that never failed to put a smile on both our faces making us grin like kids on Christmas morning.

The risk of getting caught made it all the more exciting.

I know that even if i was able to move forward and put this all behind me, i will still miss all those things we did together, all the laughs and tears, everything.

I know the chances of us having a proper conversation even a short one will be close to impossible now with all the circumstances.

How i wish for a chance, just one last chance, to be able to bid farewell to you.

Nothing much, that's all i ask for.

Just one last chance for me to say goodbye to you properly.

Like i mentioned earlier, this is reality and things don't just magically falls into place like how it does in the movies.

We all know just wishing is never enough.

Back To Square One
Monday, October 18, 2010


Yeap, that's me.

Not much explanation needed, i've been really busy like REALLY busy.

This is my last week of classes. Study break begins next week. Finals the following week.

Honestly, i'm scared shitless. Reason being that i've not touched a single book yet and time is ticking away.

Every time i decide to actually study, something comes up. But at the end of the day, i realised that maybe it is in fact entirely my fault, as i was searching for ways out.

In simpler terms, procrastinating as per usual.


You know, i have been trying so damn fucking hard?

Trying to please you, to be what you expected of me and basically just slapping on a smile for you everyday?

Have you ever thought of how hard it is? To please you all the time?

I'm so fed up of trying anymore.

I'm done.

Goodnight Moon
Saturday, October 2, 2010

I will gladly do it all over again for you.

All the chasing and mind games.

All the little hints and clues dropped along the way.

The feeling of electrical impulses shooting through the tips of our fingers when it met.

Trying to catch each other's eyes and locking our gaze before turning away shyly.

Stutterings and word slips.

How seeing you will make my day.

The way we will always run into each other at all the unexpected times.

How whenever you cross my mind and a second later you'll be there standing in front of my eye.

All the inside jokes that we shared.

How you had always had my back and gave me space to grow and learn.

Times when you're so patient with me when anyone else would have killed me by then.

That very moment when everything in the world seemed to be perfect, where time stood still and nothing else matters.

When i had nothing to worry about and i know no matter what i will pull through with you there by my side.

New memories were created and made significant to us.

The time when i felt whole again, where the wounds left behind by M seem to hurt less all a sudden.

Being able to smile genuinely and every single laughter was real and seemed right.

But above all, would be that feeling that you had brought up in me again, a feeling that i thought would never resurface again, a feeling i thought was lost forever buried deep in all the hurt that i had felt ever since M.

And just for that, i would do it all over again. All the laughter, tears, sleepless nights, early mornings and joy that you had brought into my life.

I want to go through it all as many times again as i could, if that's the only way for us to be together again.


The One That Got Away
Friday, October 1, 2010

That sick, twisting feeling you experience in your gut whenever that particular someone crosses your mind?


Been experiencing that alot lately.

I feel so overwhelmed with everything that's happening around me lately.

Lets see, finals in less than a month, 3 trips coming up, university applications to be completed and the list just keeps going on.

Everything feels so suffocating right now i don't know where to begin. I sometimes find myself drifting off in the midst of something else.

I really don't know what's going to happen next and how am i going to be handling it.

Tbh, the thing that i'm dreading the most is not being able to see you again.

That very thought scares the shit outta me.

Yes, i do dread seeing you at times and distance did do the both of us some good.

But who am i kidding when i say that i will be ready to move on right after all this is over and that we will never see each other again?

Should i try one last time? Try to make things right?

There's This Guy
Monday, September 27, 2010

He makes my heart flutter after a long longggg time.

Makes me smile.

I find myself grinning from ear to ear when i'm in his presence.

The one that made me fall in love like a 11 year old girl having her first crush.

Giving me the feeling of excitement and a rush of adrenaline.

Made my skin felt like they are on fire when his fingers brushes them.

Gave me hope and encouragement.

Taught me to become a better person, and to move forward in life.

Tries to catch my gaze and when he manages, gives me a quick smile or shyly turns away.

Made my heart melt.

Having the greatest personality EVER and that turns me on.


Those above were just random outburst that had been held back for a long time.

I was given a week's time worth of break and i had another week of classes before my trials. I decided to take both weeks off cuz i felt that i needed some time alone.

That in those 2 weeks i will be able to figure things out and hopefully even forget you.

I did succeed in thinking less about him for those of you reading that are probably rolling your eyes at my unreasonable attempt.

But it doesn't matter because the second our eyes met, everything came rushing back.

So right now i am back to square one.

Feeling even more confused and exhausted.

I'm tired of all this mind games. I can't do it anymore. Really, i just can't.

I don't want to spend anymore time trying to figure things out or read all the hidden signals you kept throwing my way.

Honestly, it just hurts too much for me to continue any longer. So all i can do is to keep my distance as far away from you as possible and minimize eye contact and conversation.

I'm sorry for being like the biggest bitch in the entire universe to you. I just don't know any other way to do it.

Cuz if i were to let my guard down for even one second and be nice, i would fall all over again.

I just don't have the strength to fall for you and try to find my way back out after that.

After all, your mixed signals are not making things any easier. And your mood swings. Seriously?

Plus, who am i kidding? The chances of us being together after all this is done is as much a chance of Lindsay staying sober.

So, why let myself fall deeper when i can still have a chance to salvage what's left right?

Life is never fair. You don't always get what you want. Just have to deal with it and move on. I need to keep repeating that to myself until it sinks in for real and i actually buy in to it.

I admit that if i were to say that i am determined to forget him overnight is basically impossible. The most i will hope for right now is just to come to terms with the fact that this is pointless. Then, in time everything will be better and he will be nothing more than just a memory of my past.

I will learn to let go.


Where The Party At?
Sunday, September 26, 2010

I was kinda uncertain about my decision to go to Nuraini's open house instead of the others cuz the only person i will be hanging out with is just Tharane and Nuraini. And Nuraini could be busy entertaining guests.

I was her first friend to arrive besides her relatives and her brother's friends. All 4 of them are back. You can just imagine how crowded the house is. Everytime someone leaves someone else arrives.

So i sat and chatted with Nuraini and not long after her college mates arrived. Nuraini introduced us and i tried my best to remember their names and match it to their faces. They all seem like a lovely and lively bunch of peeps on first impression. That's good because first impression in particularly for me does wonders.

Helped ourselves to the delicious spread prepared by her mom. Nuraini is famous for her mom's lasagna and cookies. They are like fucking heaven in your mouth. Sat in the living room eating cramped up next to each other (:

Gotten to know them more as the day proceeds and i think all i can say is they are indeed, an INTERESTING bunch. In a good way obviously.

After of what seemed to be like decades Tharane arrived with Ashley. Ashley is another sweetheart i must say. Everyone got along really well and had a great time. Oh and Tharane's mom joined us as well. Haha i like her mom.

Basically spent the entire day talking and gossiping and talking. Nurul dropped by later on. She looked so much more mature now. Good for her.

Hung around until 6+ and we decided to leave. Its sucks having to say goodbye to Nuraini especially cuz i've not seen her in ages and those few hours spent together was not enough.

Making plans now for our reunion with all the ex-classmates hopefully at the end of December. Can't wait to see EVERYONE and have a good catch up session.


This is stupid.

Me and you?

This would only lead to more complications.

Only thing i can do now is to sit back, let you do your thing and i'll do mine. I'll hold my breath and pray to God for the patience that i will very much need to go through this remaining month.

Keep calm, and just pray hard.

That with each day getting closer and closer to the end of my program, it will take me one step closer into forgetting you.


We're All Fated To Pretend
Saturday, September 25, 2010

It feels good to actually be blogging again after a short absence. College + trials + reports drove me up the wall. I barely got more than an hour's worth of sleep a day. On certain days i have to get up at 5 just to be there early for a paper that starts at 7. Fucking Australian time.

Needless to say i didnt study beforehand and attempted to pull an all nighter to cram shitloads of infomations in. End result? I screwed up my maths and chemistry paper but i redeemed myself with my psychology, biology and esl paper. Sigh*

Mr. Brian and Ms. Tan will probably be choking themselves with one hand while marking my paper.

Anyway, screw it its over and too late for me to regret about now. As from this very moment onwards, i have about a month's time plus minus before my final paper and i'm done with SAM for real! (:

I'm trying to squeeze in a very short post before heading over to Nuraini's open house. Out of pure coincidence all the open houses i was invited to happened to be on the same day and same time. -_- Sorry Sarah ):

Been feeling all nostalgic lately. Dunno where that came from. I find myself missing my ex-school mates very much ): It's true when they say you will miss high school life. Cuz i sure as hell do. College is an entire ball game. The strongest will survive but guaranteed no victory. The weak will no doubt be eliminated with just the blink of an eye.


I admit that i was kinda nervous when i know i'll be seeing you in college the next day. And it was just like me to be late for my Psychology paper, AGAIN. -__-

Idk how to exactly describe how i feel right now when i see you, maybe i've reached a point where hurt is all i can feel from you.

Maybe that's a good thing. Make things less complicated.


In Between It All
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's 2.23 am now. In about 4 hours i will have to get ready for college. Whatever la, i think i'll skip. Doesn't make any sense that many others get 2 weeks while my program gives us 1 week and 1 day??

I'll just drop by to hand in my Psychology report that will inevitably come back and haunt me later cuz i wrote such a shitty report which will lead to a heart attack when my young lecturer reads it which will mean he will die at a young age and it will be my fault and before he dies he will prolly gimme some super low marks for giving him that heart attck which will kill my internal marks and pull my marks even lower. Okay i'm done now.


Felt like i just need to get that off my chest.There's a mini timer at the back of my mind constantly ticking and counting down the time till my trial exam which is next week. I feel like slapping myself for slacking these past 8 months and failing tests after tests especially for Chemistry and Maths. I made Mr Chong older by like 10 years when he taught me and i think he's glad to not teach me anymore now. So now i'm torturing Mr. Bryan with my awesome marks everyday. Sorry T_T I just have no interest in Maths at all.

I won't be like some selfless bimbo that will dream big and vow to get a TER of 95 etc etc. That is just impossible la considering how i screwed everything up. All i'm asking for is atleast a TER of 80 and lemme get accepted into the uni of my choice for law next year then i'll be over the moon already. Pretty please T________T

It's at times like this that i am so angry at myself for taking SAM. If i had taken A levels or ADTP i will be a much happier person now wtf. And here i am screwing up my 25 fucking % worth of internal marks for Psychology with my crappy report writing skills.

Can someone take a gun and shoot me already?

Yes yes, i know now i complain and write 10 pages of how much i regret my procratination skills also no use.


On a ligther note, i cannot wait for October ahhhh ! Been anticipating this for months. Going to Club Med ! It'll be perfect after all the stress from the exams and shit. I cannot wait to slap on sunscreen and lay on the beach all day with perfect music blasting in my ears. Then head on down to the spa for some relaxing massage and pampering. Oh and the best part is, there's a free flow of drinks 24/7. Okay la not free exactly cuz everything is paid for beforehand but whatever, free flow of drinks ! ;DDD

And at the end of November, i'll be going to Korea ! Yay ! Its during winter time and it get colder everyday. I think that's the only downside of it. More shopping and yummeh food tasting to be done there (: And and i can't wait to ski teehee ;)

Then idrk what happening exactly in December but there's my irritating brother's bday, Christmas and new years to look forward to. Oh and once again, MORE shopping for new years clothes and college clothes. HAHA.

Then in Jan, hopefully i will still have some time to chillax before uni begins. And AGAIN more shopping more chinese new year clothes AHAHA.

As for February, my bday to look forward to ;DD CNY with all the red packets and awesome munchies and seeing my lovely cousins and gambling hoho someone stop me please. OH and also i'm going to SHANGHAI LOLOL. I purposely capsed it cuz anyone that knows me well knows that i x suka China ! So this will be my first time there. *gulps* And no my mindset about China and its supermotherfuckinglyawesome ppl remains the same. Only going cuz i love my family -_-

I know what you all must be thinking, i must have lost it, suddenly so emo and now super fucking happy. Blame PMS. Yes, perfect excuse.

Okay i must get back to finishing up my report which is a lost cause anyway. Hopefully SafeAssign won't bail on me.


Monday, September 13, 2010

So, i thought this hols of mine would turn out to be pretty boring and not so good.

Turns out, i was wrong. Of course it started out being kinda crappy and boring, but then things took a turning for the better.

Went out shopping basically everyday of this week, hitting one mall after another each day. ;D

Even better part is there is the new spring/summer collection available ;DD

Forever 21, Zara, Topshop etc etc. I just can't get enough of it. Racks after racks of eye catching pieces that makes you just wanna grab it all. Of course i had better self control than that.

Also shopped for winter clothes and holiday clothes as well. Best part ? Everytime we plan to go somewhere, daddy ALWAYS takes us shopping for new stuffs. Teehee.

So i bought new gloves, scarves, jeans, tops etc etc. Oh and i got a couple of new cardigans. Is it just me or are the new line of cardigans looking more awesome than before ?! Oh and trent coats. I swear i liked 9/10 pieces that i tried on. Sad tho with our Malaysian weather i won't be able to wear it often here so i don't think i wanna spend RM1200 on trent coats and have it sitting in my closet for months. One of that should be enough. For now (: .

Anyway, please ignore my endless yabbering. I'm just feeling pretty happy atm. And that's good considering all the drama that's been happening in my life lately. It's good no GREAT to have a chance to step away from all that and just do what i love most ; shop.

I know this may sound bimbo-ish to certain people, but so what ? Every girl likes to shop and so do i. (:

Okay long story short, i'm just in a really good place right now.

But all good things must come to and end sooner or later huh ? College resumes in a day. I have a 1500 word report due which i'm no where near done or have the slightest clue to go about. And i have my supermotherfucking important trials coming up in less than a week. 5 major subjects to cover. Especially Chemistry and Maths. My progress so far ? 0. So yeah, i'm pretty screwed.

Whatever tho, i'm done worrying all the time. I'm just gonna enjoy my hols to the max and do whatever the hell i want. Hey, after all, a wise man once told me to ' Live in the moment '.


Out The Window
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In between the state of half conscious and awake.

Unlike my siblings, i only have about a week of hols. Then a couple of days of classes before my trials. I have a shit load of crap to study for trials. My progress so far, 0. I'm so fucked, i know. Not to mention, i have a 1500 words report on Behavioural Assertiveness due on next Tuesday. So yeah, my life's pretty awesome, no?

I remember last Friday as i nervously glance at my watch every few minutes. Why? Cuz i know that as soon as class ends, i won't be seeing you for a week atleast. And i'm so afraid to look at you on my way home, for fear of what i might see in your reaction i guess. I could not bring myself to find out. Call me a coward, maybe i am.

I did think that as long as we have some time and space in between, things might turn out better as we're more relaxed and we have kept our distance from right and wrong. That's what i thought atleast. So when this break came along, i'm more than glad tbh. I crawl into bed everyday when the sun comes up, pull the covers tightly around myself and force my eyes shut. No matter how hard i try, you're the last person that crosses my mind everynight without fail. The second i open my eyes, there you are again. The thought of you there is like a sharp blade slicing through me every single time, leaving fresh wounds behind.

I miss the smell of you. The warmth of your arms around me. Comforting me and there to give me guidance everytime i needed it. The way your smile lights up your face and how cheerful you are all the time. I miss everything you did for me.

Most of all, i miss you.

Second Chances
Thursday, September 2, 2010

A mess.

That is how everything is atm. Complicated. Messy. Strange. Mind boggling.

Yeah, maybe I just can't look you in the eye without feeling a million stabs in my gut. And yeah, I apologise. I'm really sorry. For being such a bitch to you and for pushing you away everytime you tried to get to know me better. I'm sorry for treating you like I dgaf, cuz the truth is, i sure as hell do care, more than you will ever know atleast. Yes, I admit, I'm afraid of even opening up the tiniest bit to you, for fear of falling for you. See where it had lead us now?

It had always been the same ol' game. One going after another and when the other gives in, the entire scene changes. How sick and tired I am of this bullshit. In my defense, it was not easy trying to read all your mix signals. This is my first year in college, trying to adapt to a whole new scene without the need of complication in my second week of classes !

And how will i ever be able to guess what all your actions mean? Our relationship started off with such a complicated base that one wrong move from either one of us and we'll be in deep shit, you and I both. Everything is just WRONG. To make matters worse, this is not a normal schoolgirl crush that i can go around sharing with my friends and classmates now can I ?

Recent weeks, I have been tossing around in bed in the wee hours of the morning, trying to push sleep off as much as i could, so that I would feel so exhausted and pass out immediately without having to think of this. It worked well for the first one week or so, before my sleeping pattern got even more out of control and i drag myself to classes every morning more exhausted than the day before. I find myself climbing into bed at 5am having to get up at 6, still not being able to sleep peacefully. Do you have any fucking idea how exhausted i feel ?

Ever since a kid, I had always loved the feeling of intense rush of adrenaline flowing and pulsating through my bloodstreams, pushing me to do more and more crazy shit without thinking twice. Maybe it is that once again ? The thought that you're exciting and strange with a very mysterious history had got me craving to get to know you better. The fact that we could not be together during this duration of time as it is FORBIDDEN and wrong had made it all the more exciting and challenging for me.

My trials is in less than 2 weeks time. I have to work extra hard for this to make up for me slacking the entire year. How can i do this if I can't even clear my mind for fuck sake ?!

Tbh, I'm sick and tired of this. Really, really tired in fact. I can't play this game no more. If i were given a choice between graduating with the TER i needed versus you, i think my choice right here is pretty clear. The whole point of this post is just to express everything that i had kept building inside of me for 8 months now. I just need to let it out.

So, with the closure of this post coming nearer, so will be the hope and emotions that i had kept bundled up be let go of. Things are prolly better this way. After all, its just 2 more months before we bid farewell and most likely never see each other again. What's the point of holding onto this for 2 more months and wait for an outcome which I'm not sure of ?

Isn't it funny, the way life fucks you over ? Sending people into your life you'd thought you would never ever look at twice, and somehow the opposite always happens ? Jsyk, i wrote this post yesterday and i delayed finishing it, cuz i know the second i hit send, everything changes.

Everything must come to an end. When i walked pass you today, somehow i know i already have my mind made up. That this is it. The countdown begins.

I'm Back (: And Boy Does It Feel Good !
Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So. I realised that i tend to use the word 'so' a little too much. Please bear with me.

I know. It's pretty suprising that after all these months of abandoning my blog, i'm back. There had been one too many times when i had a sudden itch to cross my room to my study table and log into blogspot. But evidently, i did not. And to think of the reason behind me blogging AGAIN. Ha. I just can't say it. Atleast not outloud here. Too many lurkers i'm sad to say.

Anyways, what do one blog about as their 'come back' post? Cuz it sure as hell will take me weeks to give a proper update on what's happening in my life right now.

So, just the essentials then, aye ? (:

I'm doing my Pre-U in Taylor's College atm taking the South Australian Matriculation program. Is it fun? Is college life great and lives up to all my expectations? Yes and no.

I remember a couple months back when a senior of mine mentioned this, i quote ' In college, you will meet ALL kinds of people. You'll be amazed with who you actually get to know. ' That left me pondering. I mean, seriously?

Boy, was he right. I did meet ALL sorts or people. Yes, i am glad to say that i have the priveledge to meet some really awesome beings. And when there's the good, there's always the bad side to it. Need i say more ?

Pretty ironic no that its September now and my course officially ends in November, and only now am i blogging about it? Haha.

For those of you that still checks up on my blog from time to time and kept on pestering me to update, this one is for you guys ;) And no, sorry but this is MY blog so i shall blog whatever the fuck i want. If whatever i say does not seem to amuse you the way it does me, then may i politely ask you to gtfo ;D

Sooo much more to say, so little time? Hee. I shall stop here. I promise the next update will come much sooner than expected. Since i've gotten my blogging mojo back, i'm bursting with a billion and one things to say. So yeah, prepare for plentyyy of words filled posts and random pictures popping up from time to time.


p.s : for all the right reasons ?

Friday, August 7, 2009


Okay okay i know i owe everyone an explanation. I remember saying that i'll try to update asap as there is just SO much going on lately. When i say alot, i really mean it.

There's tons of pictures to be uploaded and i honestly don't know when i can get around to do it. I barely even have enough sleep.

Anyways, i just had my last monthly test ! This monthly test is so crappy and same goes for my results. Add maths :x

Everyone around me had been getting sick lately. Including me. But Nuraini's was the worse. Her fever left her brainless xDD

I've been laughing so much lately. In class. Out of class. At home. In my bedroom. Even when i'm emo-ing. While sitting for a test. Haih.

Its prolly my way to de-stress. :]


Damm, i don't know what's gotten into me lately, but i just can't stop thinking of you.

You're on my mind 24/7. And its killing me.

p.s : duty calls !will bw back to update more later :]

Crazy Times
Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hellooooo :]

So sorry for not blogging for over 2 weeks.

Last two weeks had been a CRAZY one indeed. Mid-terms, activites etc. etc.

Plus my internet was down for a bit there.

There's a hugeeee lot of stuff that had happened and needs to be posted up.

I'll get right to that asap i promise.

p.s : pretty sad to stalk my cbox, no?


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Got a freaking heart attack when my phone rang right next to my ear at 9 am in the morning.

Caller i.d says its Chris.


He gets up wayy to early.

Anyway, he comfirmed our plan to meet at Mcdonalds to have a study group.

I arrived late. So naturally Chris is already there.

Studied a little then Rebecca came.

Talked, ate, studied, more talk, ate more, study abit more.

Take 1 "Eh wait i'm not ready yet!"

Take 2 "Nooo! Rebecca made me laugh!"

Take 3 "perfect shot"

Basically we crap more than we studied. But it was all laughs which is what we need atm (:

till then,


Friday, May 1, 2009

Went to 1 U today with my family.

Had lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng (i don't think i spelt it correctly).

chesse baked rice

H.K styled milktea
Those are the only thing i've ate and drank each time i went there. xD

I was supposed to meet Chris and the rest at pyramid today but cancelled at the last minte. So i'm making it up by meeting them tomorrow instead. We're planning to study ! xDD

Anyway i bought lotsa stuffs today. I finally get the chance to visit the MPH bookstore there. I don't think i've gone there for years.

Anyway, i was really impressed with the amount of books there.

Got even more impressed when i managed to find all 5 books of The House Of Night series there O.O!

I've been to other bookstores and none of it has all 5 books altogether. So naturally i bought it all.

I even found an entire section dedicated to classic and literature books which is amazing.

And and i found an entire shelf dedicated to Anne Rice's books.

I know i must sound like a real geek right now, gushing over books. (:

Btw, i've finally received some pictures from the past few events/gatherings and i'll upload them real soon.

p.s : no sleep for the next 2 weeks. pfft :/ so not looking forward to exam week.

Sedaya Carnival
Saturday, April 25, 2009

I went to school at 7+ and headed straight to the staff room to meet Miss Lee. Met up with Mich there and the both of us took the first aid box before heading up to the hall.

Me, Mich and Wern Cher are stationed at the hall for St. John duty.

Mr.Subra then came and ask me to help him be the emcee for the badminton tournament. The tournament took forever.

I was stuck in the hall the entire day. Th worst part is that they did not want to turn on the air-conditioner because of some stupid reason. -_-

After that the primary had a Fancy Dress competition so i went and helped Ms. Ivy and Ms. Tee to arrange all the medals.

Once that is done, i went back to be the emcee for the prize giving ceremony. That took forever as well and my leg felt like lead already atm.

The amount of people that turned up was quite alright. There's students from S.K. Lick Hung, SMK Sri Damansara,S.M.K SS17, S.M.K USJ 12, S.M. Sri Cahaya etc.

Anyway, here's some random pictures from today's event.

Congrats Kee Yew (:

Mich's favourite contestant for Fancy Dress.

took awhile to arrange all that.

my breakfast while emcee-ing xD

pee ass : more cookie? <3

Second Chance
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cookie <3
you made it all worthwhile


Field Trip
Saturday, April 18, 2009

On Tuesday, the 14th of April, the upper secondary had a field trip to the MPO Hall, KLCC Skybridge and also to the Galeria Sri Perdana.

I'm way to lazy to blog much so please bare with me.

Pictures are not in order.

Dolly's afraid of the plastic spider. xD

Joey suggested that we take turns taking picture with the security guard ^^

Dolly laughing, Chris cussing.

tried to spell L.O.V.E (:

Long story short, i had a great time. :D

Till then,

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